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2014 Bridgestone Golf True Balance Putters Review

2014 Bridgestone Golf True Balance Putters Review

2014 Bridgestone Golf True Balance Putters Review: $199.99

Bridgestone has been in the golf business for many years.  Still, most golfers would only recognize the name for its well-made golf balls or that Fred Couples is the PGA Tour face of the brand.

But one of the best kept secrets is that Bridgestone also makes golf clubs.  Its irons, wedges, hybrids and woods are in play with a growing number of PGA Tour and Senior PGA Tour players.  You can even see the clubs in a few bags scattered around the Twin Cities.   But Bridgestone has always stayed out of the putter market.  Why try and push a putter into the market already crowded with names like Cameron, Bettinardi, Grace and then the major manufacturers like TaylorMade, Odyssey, Ping and countless others?At least, not until something different was introduced. Enter the truly unique and effective Bridgestone True Balance putter.  

Launching April 1 at a retailer near you (2nd Swing is your best choice, FYI.), is the new line of True Balance putters from Bridgestone Golf.

Look (4 out of 5)

The very first thing that catches your eye is the yellow foam putter grip.  I mean, bright yellow. Canary yellow. Lamborghini yellow. July sun yellow.

Then it has a black graphite shaft with a stainless-steel head.  The face of the putter is grooved, both on the steel part of the putter face and on the black insert.  The two models I tested were the DT-03 blade and DT-01 mallet.  Other than the bright yellow grip, when you first look at the True Balance putter, nothing special stands out.

true-balance-putter-5-800 I had to hold them and take a few practices strokes to find out what makes the new Bridgestone Golf True Balance line so special.

Technology (5 out of 5)

This is where the putter “stands” out.  The True Balance putters have multiple features that allows this new type of putter to “stand alone.”  I’m using the quotes because one of the first things you will notice about the Bridgestone Golf True Balance putter is that the putter can support itself and stand without you holding it up. 

How is that possible? 

Well the grip is 100 percent ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), which is more simply known as foam rubber, like in your shoe’s sole. I have questions about whether the gummy grip will hold up in your golf bag and get dirtied up too quickly through normal use — if the manufacturer doesn’t make a few adjustments. 

Bridgestone partnered with Adila to produce a super light and flexible graphite shaft for the putters. 

What in large part makes this putter so special and effective is that the combined of the shaft and grip weight is only 55 grams.  Conventional putters with standard putter grips and steel shafts weigh in at around 170 to 180 grams.

This means Bridgestone is able to put more weight into the head.  Apparently, so much weight that the putter is capable of supporting itself (I mean it literally stands up on its own.).   All the weight in the head also means that the balance point of the putter is only 5 inches from the sole.  This provides the player with better feel. 

The grooves on the putter face allow for your golf ball to roll more smoothly.  And I like the size of the putter grip.  Very close in size to a mid-size SuperStroke.


Performance (5 out of 5)

I spent time stroking putts of varying lengths with both models.  The ball comes off the face very cleanly, has a nice sound upon impact and rolls exceptionally well to the hole. 

The heavier head, combined with the graphite shaft and EVA grip provided me with excellent feedback on my putts.  Many of the other putters now out seem to focus on roll and line, but you do not hear too much about speed and distance control.  This is where the Bridgestone Golf True Balance putters have put themselves ahead of the new class of putters. 

The True Balance putters are specifically designed to enhance your ability to control speed and distance, but not at the expense of the feel and a solid roll off the face.  Personally, I like the DT-01 mallet version a little better than the DT-03 blade version, but both rolled the ball into the hole.


Final Thoughts (overall 4.5 out of 5 stars)

By waiting to enter the putter market until creating something different in the way a putter is built, Bridgestone Golf has produced a new line of putters that will have golfers re-thinking what to look for in a putter and getting the golfer back to allowing the heavier putter head do more of the work for them.

Come April 1, you would not be a fool to stop into your nearest 2nd Swing store and get properly fitted for the new Bridgestone True Balance putters.

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