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2014 Callaway X2 Hot Hybrid Review

2014 Callaway X2 Hot Hybrid Review

New Callaway X2 Hot Hybrid: $199.99

The new Callaway X2 Hot Hybrid is designed for every golfer. With a larger face and sweet spot than most hybrids, the X2 Hot Hybrid is extremely long and forgiving.

Technology (five out of five stars)

The face design for this hybrid is one of a forged Hyper Speed Face Cup that is specifically engineered for a smooth feel and fast ball speeds. What benefits this hybrid as much as any on the market is the Aldila Tour Blue shaft. An after market shaft that is designed to launch the ball high in the air and generate great distance control even on miss-hits.


Look (four out of five stars)

Initially, I was a little concerned that the Callaway X2 Hot Hybrid was going to look a little bulky and the face appear too closed at address. I was dead wrong. It sets up very square and is still smaller than a large portion of hybrids on the market.

Even though this hybrid is geared for every type of player, it has a traditional hybrid look with a cool slate/charcoal finish. In comparison to the X2 Hot Pro Hybrid model, it is as bit larger and more bulky out on the toe. However, I still believe the X2 Hot will appeal to every player of different skill levels.


Performance (five out of five stars)

The name of this club fits the performance perfectly. It is HOT!

Very quick ball speeds paired with incredible consistency, will make this hybrid one of the year’s best. After about five swings with the Callaway X2 Hot Hybrid, I realized that it will replace a lot of fairways woods in many golf bags.

The great benefit to having more hybrids is allowing each player to gain a little more control. Compared to my current 4-wood, I was hitting the 19-degree Callaway X2 Hot Hybrid only 5 yards shorter on average. This was incredible. I was able to shape shots more efficiently while hitting the distances I needed.

There may be other hybrids out there that will look and feel better for golfers, but I promise there won’t be one that outperforms the Callaway X2 Hot Hybrid.


Final Thoughts (overall: 4.66 out of five stars)

This hybrid will be a huge success for Callaway in 2014. It is extremely long while incorporating a cool look. It took me a handful of swings to figure out how beneficial this club could be for me. How many swings will it take you to put this in your bag?

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