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2014 TaylorMade JetSpeed Rescue Hybrid Review

2014 TaylorMade JetSpeed Rescue Hybrid Review

New TaylorMade JetSpeed Rescue Hybrid Rescue: $199.99

A lot of the features built into the new TaylorMade JetSpeed Fairway Woods also are seen in the new JetSpeed Rescue Hybrid clubs that TaylorMade is offering for 2014. As with the fairways, the company makes the point that the JetSpeed Rescue Hybrid provides the golfer with a higher launch angle off the face and greater distance. 



The big new thing is the redesigned Speed Pocket built into the sole of the clubhead. Much smaller in volume and depth than the old Speed Pocket, this hollow area behind the lower part of the clubface produces an exceptional increase to ball speed off the TaylorMade’s JetSteel alloy face, which all yields more distance. If you think the old TaylorMade JetSpeed Rescue Hybrid clubs produced rocket balls, wait until you try these. This new Speed Pocket is also filled with a polymer material. This will keep out the debris and also gives off a pleasant sound at impact.


Like the fairway woods, TaylorMade has made the JetSpeed Rescue Hybrid head slightly shallower (2mm lower than the TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 Rescue). This positions the center of gravity (CG) lower which launches the ball higher and quicker, more easily. The CG is moved forward, nearer the face thus decreasing the ball rpm and increasing distance.

A Matrix Velox T69 composite shaft is used. The shaft will increase in weight as the flex gets firmer, such as stiff flex shafts are heavier than regular flex shafts. This is to give the player better control over the club.



The shape of the Rescue head is similar to TaylorMades of the past, which I think is very good. No funky edges or wings, just a clean design. The crown has the same type matte black color with some soft graphics on top as seen on the fairways. No messy, obnoxious artwork to hinder your gaze. They set up nicely and give you a feeling of sureness before you start your swing.



I really enjoyed hitting balls with this new TaylorMade JetSpeed Rescue Hybrid. The discreet solid feel and the click of the ball off the face made for a confidence-building practice session. The ball seemed to go and go, not wanting to drop from the sky.

I actually prefer a hybrid with a little more loft (I generally use a 21 or 22 degree.), but this No. 3 19-degree JetSpeed Rescue Hybrid was easier to get airborne than other 19-degree models that I have tried. It is not a cure-all for every golf shot, but it is one fine club.

I had another player try out the club, and he too liked the trajectory. Other than the shaft feeling perhaps a little softer than he was used to, it was a positive test.



The TaylorMade JetSpeed Rescue Hybrid will give almost any golfer more distance, with a higher trajectory versus a long iron and most other hybrids. And at $199.99, this is a club worth checking out.

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