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PING’s 2015 i Series Irons

PING’s 2015 i Series Irons

PING 2015 i Series Irons

Technology (100 / 100)

The PING 2015 i Series irons are custom-engineered with 431 stainless steel for its high strength to weight ratio and a softer feel. This different 431 steel, along with the tuning bar, provides a very soft feel, getting as close as you can get to a forged feel. Weight savings from the 431 steel and a deeper CTP position allow for expanded perimeter weighting in a head design that delivers workability and trajectory control with forgiveness. The Ping i irons have larger head sizes and a low/back center of gravity positions in the long irons to provide forgiveness and distance. The head size is smaller in the short irons and wedges to provide precision and control.  The irons are available in 3-UW, where the 3-iron starts at 20° and the utility (U) wedge is 50°.


Looks (95 / 100) 

I series irons Progressive Offset and Head-size design

Ping’s 2015 I Series Iron Offset & Head-size

At address the PING 2015 i series irons sit very well, the mid-sized head and nice looking top line has twill attract the better player without looking too skinny or oversized. The off-set progression in these irons is a really good look. The long irons have some offset, while the short irons have very little. This extra boost in offset in the long irons helps with forgiveness and not having it in the short irons increases accuracy. The face is also a little larger and deeper towards the heel than previous Ping models, assisting with the forgiveness.


Performance.  (97 / 100)

I hit the 7 iron with a NS Pro Modus 105 S shaft. My carry distance was 178 yards for a total of 188yards. This is about 6 yards longer than my current irons. At standard the lofts of the Ping i irons are 1 degree stronger than typical iron lofts. This would explain the extra distance. The launch was 18.9 degrees, which shows that you can comfortably get the ball in the air to stop the ball on the greens fast, without the ball spinning too much. Another thing that impressed me was how easy the irons were to hit straight. Shot after shot, they went straight at the target. The irons felt and sounded very good, feeling almost forged like.


Final Thoughts (overall) (96 / 100)

The PING 2015 i series irons offer improved feel, excellent looks and really good forgiveness in an iron that would suit a low to mid handicap player. What impressed me more than anything else, is how easy the irons were to just hit straight. Each time Ping brings out a new version of irons the irons get closer and closer to feeling like a forged iron.

716 AP2, 716 MB, Apex Pro 16, Apex CF16, I Series Irons, PSI Irons

6 Iron Set put up to the test by Thomas Campbell

*Comparison of irons reviewed today

Club Carry Total Spin Launch
Titleist 716 AP2 173 180 5841 21.1
Callaway Apex Pro 16 173 181 5826 20.7
Titleist 716 MB 174 181 6145 20.9
Ping i Series 178 188 5013 18.9
TaylorMade Psi 186 194 5581 18.6
Callaway Apex CF16 199 209 4554 19.3

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