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AMP CELL Fairway Wood Review

AMP CELL Fairway Wood Review

Cobra AMP CELL Fairway Wood


Listed on the Golf Digest 2013 Silver Hot List, the AMP CELL fairway wood looks outstanding at address and performs up to par.  The AMP CELL fairway is available in a 3-4 and 5-7 wood with several color options.  

Technology – 9/10

The AMP CELL fairway includes all the technology incorporated into the AMP CELL driver.  MyFly technology allows you to adjust loft and appropriately gap distance and trajectory with six settings.  The AMP CELL 3-4 fairway allows loft to be adjusted from 13 to 16 degrees while the 5-7 goes from 17 to 20 degrees. In addition, the AMP CELL fairway creates a square set up due to Cobra’s SmartPad technology, which keeps the face angle square at address regardless of loft.  In addition, the clubface can be set open or closed.   The AMP CELL and E9 Technology increases forgiveness on mis-hits.  Overall, the AMP CELL is loaded with technology and rates 9 out of 10.

Look – 9/10

The AMP CELL fairway wood is designed with a traditional club shape design and looks really sharp at address.  Similar to the driver, the AMP CELL fairway is available in orange, blue, red and silver with a black club face.  I tested the silver club head/black face where the white grooves and red dots stand out at address.  Cobra is written in orange on the crown for alignment.  Women also have the ability to choose from pearl blue, pink or silver.  Personally, I enjoy how square the face sets up at address.  The AMP CELL looks solid, easy to hit and is available in several color options.  Aesthetically, the club rates 9 out of 10 in appearance.

Performance – 8/10

I tested the Cobra AMP CELL adjustable 3-4 fairway wood in the 14 degree position with the stock Fujikura Fuel shaft in stiff flex. The stiff Fujikura Fuel shaft weighs 60 grams with a high kick point and mid torque.  Shots generally produced a mid trajectory off the tee with a straight or slight draw pattern.  Shots off the turf were naturally lower.  Surprisingly, results in the 13 degree position were more consistent than the 16 degree position, which produced inconsistent results with many shots missing right with a higher ball flight.  Distance with the AMP CELL fairway is average.  The AMP CELL is a consistent performer that creates a firm impact with a muted sound.  The D3 swing weight feels comfortable and the overall performance rates 8 out of 10. 

Final Thoughts – 9/10

In my opinion, Cobra did a nice job of improving the original AMP fairway with the better performing and more consistent AMP CELL fairway.  The improved performance and adjustable features warranted the $219 retail price, $20 more than the original AMP fairway.  The AMP CELL fairway can be found used at 2nd Swing for around $109, a really great value for a solid performer that rates 9 out of 10.    

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