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AMP CELL Hybrid Review

AMP CELL Hybrid Review

Cobra AMP CELL Hybrid Review


Cobra is known for creating top performing hybrids and the AMP CELL continues that tradition.  The adjustable AMP CELL is available in 2-3 hybrid with 16 to 19 degrees, 3-4 with 19 to 22 degrees and 4-5 from 22 to 25 degrees of loft.  The AMP CELL gained popularity and earned a spot on the Golf Digest 2013 Gold Hot List.

Technology – 9/10

The AMP CELL hybrid is designed using a 17-4 stainless steel with a 455 high-strength steel club face.  The hybrid features all of Cobra’s proprietary technology molded together to make another solid hybrid. Similar to the driver and fairway, the AMP CELL hybrid combines the MyFly, SmartPad, AMP CELL and E9 technology, all designed to make the AMP CELL a dependable and more forgiving hybrid. The versatile AMP CELL hybrid utilizes one club head with six different settings.  Cobra utilized plenty of technology that helps the AMP CELL rate 9 out of 10.

Look – 9/10

The AMP CELL club head is a traditional shape that that looks easy to hit.  The color of the hybrid is available in red, orange, blue and silver, which matches the driver and fairway woods.  The SmartPad technology allows the club head to set up square and look outstanding regardless of the loft position.  Similar to nearly all Cobra hybrids, the appearance of the Cobra AMP CELL is very attractive and rates 9 out of 10.

Performance – 8/10

I tested the Cobra AMP CELL 3-4 hybrid with the stock MRC Cobra AMP CELL Graphite Shaft in stiff flex. The shaft weighs 58 grams with a mid kick point and mid torque designed to produce a mid to high ball flight. The 3-4 AMP CELL hybrid offers adjustable features from 19 degrees to 22 degrees.  The hybrid feels average with a D2 swing weight.  Impact creates a muted sound and feels consistent on off-center hits on the heel or toe.

Surprisingly, the 19 degree produced inconsistent results. Trajectory is generally a mid ball flight with average distance. In addition, ball flight often produced a fade. Although the club felt really solid, I was disappointed with the results.  Next, I tested the AMP CELL hybrid in the 22 degree position. The hybrid positioned with 22 degrees of loft was like a completely different club.  Trajectory was generally a high ball flight with minimal movement. Shots started straight and flew straight to the target. Apparently, once you find the correct setting, the Cobra AMP CELL hybrid produces solid results.  Since the results were drastically different between lofts I rate the AMP CELL hybrid performance 8 out of 10.

Final Thoughts – 10/10

The AMP CELL hybrid offers a flashy style with varying results.  The Baffler has been a staple for Cobra for years and the AMP CELL elevates the Cobra hybrid line for players looking for more features.  The original price was listed under several competitors at $189, a nice value considering the adjustable features.  Currently, the AMP CELL hybrid sells for around $99, with average condition used models available for less.  Once you tune the club with the correct setting the AMP CELL delivers consistent results.  Combined with a great price, the Cobra AMP CELL hybrid rates 10 out of 10 in value.

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