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Bridgestone J15 Fairway

Bridgestone J15 Fairway

Bridgestone J15 Fairway

Technology (88/ 100)

Bridgestone has incorporated three core technologies in to its new J15 fairway. The Flex Action Speed Technology (FAST) crown made of high strength AM355 Maraging Steel; which increases the launch angle and ball speed, because it is thinner near the face and progressively thicker towards the rear of the head, allowing the face to flex more at impact, creating a spring-like effect. The J15 has a Hyper Stainless 455 steel face, which is the thinnest Bridgestone face ever at just 1.8mm, creating maximum ball repulsion and increased distance. The J15 has weighted port technology, a removable weight in the sole allowing players to adjust trajectory and the swing weight of the club.

Available in 13.5, 15, and 18 degree options.

Looks (90/ 100)

J15 Fairway Wood Crown and Face

J15 Fairway Wood Crown and Face

The J15 fairway has a clean looking generous sized black head. I love to look down at the traditional black titanium head. It is very clean, and traditional looking. What you do see at address is the white lines on the club face. These look sharp against the pure black head. However the face did seem to setup closed, I prefer my fairway woods to look more open. It just felt like I was going to hit it left.

Performance (88/ 100)

I reviewed the J15 15 degree fairway with a Graphite Design Tour AD MT-8X shaft. The numbers I got out of the J15 fairway were pretty okay, but not outstanding.

Bridgestone J15 Fairway

Launch Angle: 15.9 degrees

Club Head Speed: 106.7 mph

Ball Speed: 153 mph

Carry Distance: 259 yds

Total Distance: 274 yd

I carried the ball 259 yards for a total of 274 yards. The flight was pretty straight, with some shots having a hint of draw. This could be due to the club looking a little closed at setup, as I usually fade the ball. The flight was also higher with a higher launch angle than other fairways I have reviewed. This would be great to stop the ball fast on greens on long par 5’s, but I would be concerned with spinning the ball, especially into the wind.

The club creates a really deep solid sound, that is quite loud, like the J715 driver.

Final Thoughts (overall) (88/ 100)

This is a clean traditional looking club. I didn’t see advances in distance, but the ball did fly pretty straight. If you prefer a closed face on your fairway woods, and you like the traditional look you might like the J15 fairway. I would recommend this club to low to mid handicap players.

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