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Bridgestone J15 MB Irons

Bridgestone J15 MB Irons

Bridgestone J15 MB Irons

There are four different iron models available in the Bridgestone’s J15 line. This review is for the MB muscle backs which look like traditional blades and are aimed at elite players.

Technology (100/ 100)

The J15 MB irons are made from premium forged 1020 carbon steel to provide the player with an incredible feel. The ultra compact head provides ultimate shot shaping, workability and versatility. The J15 MB has a narrow sure contact sole to ensure consistent contact and turf interaction . The J15 MB have a flatter, more narrow sole for elite more demanding players.

Available in 3-PW.

Looks (100/ 100)   

J15 MB Looks

J15 MB Looks

The J15 MB is the best looking blade I have ever looked down at. The top line is nice and thin, which you would expect out of traditional blade. The irons do look quite small at setup compared to your typical iron, but once you hit a few shots you definitely get used the small head. Very shiny, clean blades.

Performance (96/ 100)

The J15 MB are the current irons in my bag. I have the NS Pro Modus Tour 125 S shafts in my irons.

Bridgestone J15 MB 7 Iron

Launch Angle: 20.3 degrees

Spin Rate: 5377 rpm

Carry Distance: 173 yds

Total Distance: 182 yds

I carried the ball 173 yards for a total of 182 yards. These irons are not designed for assistance with distance, and I recommend only elite players attempt to hit these irons. I love the workability and versatility the irons provide me with, I will sacrifice the distance as I don’t need the extra distance. The irons have an incredibly soft forged feel. The launch is 20.3 degrees, with a spin rate of 5377 rpm. These irons provide me with a mid range flight that is not too spiny. To be honest the flight is quite boring, but very consistent.

Final Thoughts (overall) (99/ 100)

Not your typical game improvement irons. If you can’t break par forget about these beauties. But if you are an elite player I highly recommend you consider these irons. There is a reason why they are in my golf bag! Incredibly soft feel, with great workability and control.

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