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Keys to Improving Pace of Play

Keys to Improving Pace of Play

Key ways to Improve Pace of Play

Pace of play is a key element to the overall growth of golf. Most people cannot find time in their day for a 30-minute workout let alone a five-hour round of golf.

We live in a society that is impatient and hurried. In order for golf to grow and continue to flourish, we need to find ways to make golf less time consuming. So how can we speed up our rounds of golf to hopefully attract more interest to our game?

With the 2014 golf season rapidly approaching, here are a few tips to improve your pace of play.


Play “Ready Golf”

Golf is the ultimate gentlemen’s game. The player that had the best score on the previous hole or whomever is the farthest away has the honor to play first.

Let’s forget this tradition and play your shot when ready. Golfers will often say they enjoy the game more when played fast. Whoever is the first to the tee — or as soon as you get to your ball in the fairway — fire away.

Be set before it’s your turn

This is the biggest reason golf takes too long. Most golfers prepare for a shot only when it’s their turn to play. Before you get to your ball or while your partner is across the fairway playing, step off your yardages and begin to select the club you are about to play.

Be prepared for the shot before it’s your turn to play.

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Play from the correct tees

Too many players want to play from the “tips.” We all know that these tees are only for the best players around. We all need to make sure that we play from the tee markers that best suits our skill level. This will only help us make a few more birdies.

The better we play, the quicker we play, and the more fun we have. Tee it forward.


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