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Miura CB501 Forged Iron Set Review

Miura CB501 Forged Iron Set Review
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Miura CB501 Forged Irons Review

Wait… What? This isn’t a blade? Thats right the new Miura CB 501’s are really cavity backs. Just one hit with these beautiful looking irons and I was thinking about making the switch. However when working my way into the longer irons I felt like I had to strike it perfect. These are ball striker clubs. If your swing is off there just wasn’t enough forgiveness to consider putting these in the bag.


Technology (92/100)

The CB501’s are a forged iron, constructed through a unique two-piece forging process providing a very soft feeling off the club face. Miura’s goal with the CB501was to combine the best features form their favorite Miura irons, striving for the ideal ball flight, enough offset to promote playability, the perfect head size and a sole grind that accommodates a broad range of players. The CB501 has a muscle back (sweet spot) to deliver a ball flight with the trajectory of a blade. The iron offers cavity back forgiveness, as the contact point moves away from the center of the face.

Looks (85/100)

Miura does not take a very flashy approach to their clubs. The CB501 has a beautiful satin chrome finish but no badges or exotic logos other than the small Miura and “M” in black paint, and the non paint filled words of “Forged CB-501”, there is a very limited use of paintfill. However when looking at the club at address you only see the beautiful satin finish and that very thin top line. Still that top line is almost too thin to look at. The short irons look great but those long irons look very tough to hit, and these are supposed to be cavity backs… The toe also had a noticable sharp point which I wasn’t a fan of.

Performance (88/100)

The CB501 has enough offset to promote playability. You can tell that the irons are meant for feel and control based on great ball striking. Being a good ball striker I was satisfied with the workability and when struck properly you can control the irons as good as any other club on the market. However miss the sweet spot and you will pay the price. With the 6iron I hit the 6 irons I carried the ball 186 yards, just a couple of yards further than my current irons (Bridgestone J40). The launch was good at 16.7 degrees, and had a respectable spin rate at 5661 rpm. Nothing flash but what I would expect from a quality iron.

Final Thoughts (88/100)

This review may be a little on the harsh side. The clubs felt amazingly soft, and I can imagine that plenty of players would like the looks of these irons. I just didn’t think they were forgiving enough on miss hits, and that top line was just a little too thin for my liking. These irons may make you a better ball striker, but only because you will need to be to get the results, however this can be said for most blade-like irons. Low handicap players only.

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