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Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons Review

Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons Review

Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons Review: $874.99 (New eight-piece set)

2nd Swing Golf Blog writer Warren Bailey calls the Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons an early autumn treat. 

Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons

The 2014 Mizuno JPX-Forged Irons are available HERE from 2nd Swing.

When you want to get back into the “swing” of things and finally find some time to play with the new toys, isn’t it great that the manufacturers launch a few new products in the early fall?


In order to stir some interest (and sales), this annual practice gives players one more chance to get fitted properly with the latest technology and discover what was missing from your golf bag before the golf season ends for most of us.


First up in fall 2014, the new Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons… and what a treat this turned out to be…

Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons

The Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons are a rare forged and forgiving iron for the higher-handicap player.

Technology (9 out of 10 Rating)

Remember this, um, elementary word: boron.

The Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons were made with the Mizuno’s well-known, tried-and-true “Grain Flow Forging Technique” However, someone in R&D must have said, “Hey, let’s try something other than carbon steel. Anyone ever heard of boron?”

It turns out boron is chemically very similar to carbon, but lighter weight and stronger. It took six years of development, but Mizuno says it was finally able to run with this advantage to create a thinner clubface, a lower than standard-milled pocket, and the extra weight saved was redistributed to the heel and toe of the clubhead.

The result with the  Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons is a larger effective hitting area, added stability though impact and greater forgiveness. The combination of Mizuno’s use of grain flow forging with boron, which is traditionally known as a forging impurity, has created irons that send the ball 30 percent farther, according to Mizuno.

So this new/old guy boron is not bad, huh?

In addition, the new, more flexible movement and placement of the weight throughout the face, due to the use of boron, is what Mizuno calls its “Power Frame Technology.”

I’d give the entire technology process a near-perfect initial rating.

Learn more about Mizuno’s use of boron in this YouTube video from the company:

Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons

The Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons use boron in unique forging and balancing processes to make the ball come cleaner, smoother off the clubface.

Looks (9 out of 10 Rating)

The Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons look clean, have a minimal offset, and the clubhead is closer to a mid-size than a blade.

But these irons were made for the 7- to 20-handicap golfer who is looking for the feel of a forged club and the forgiveness of perimeter weighting (which Mizuno now calls “Power Frame Technology”).

After a few early swings, and I immediately see how the ball comes off the clubface with a great sound. And when hit properly, you can hardly tell a ball was in the way of the swing. The ball just glides off the clubface that nicely –and I would venture, a little hot, too.

The sole of the irons also are triple cut with beveled leading and trailing edges, allowing for some workability from a variety of lies and turf conditions.

The Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons are beauties, which I’d grade an A-.

Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons

Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons are rated as excellent by our 2nd Swing Blog critic.

Performance (9 out of 10 Rating)

Wow. Look, I just got the Mizuno MP-54 Irons, and I love them. Mine are fitted (by 2nd Swing‘s certified clubfitters who can be found at with a Nippon Shaft. I dig the distance, height, stability. It’s all there.

But the Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons?

Using the same shaft in side-by-side comparison I gained about a half club in distance.

The ball, when hit correctly, comes off the clubface like it’s not even there. I’m not sure but I thought the ball flight came down a little for me as well. The stock shaft is the True Temper XP (115g), but many other shaft options are available (Customize your club with 2nd Swing either in stores or online when checking out.).

Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons Specifications

Club Number 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW GW
Left-Handed (Available) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Loft (Degrees) 22 25 28 32 36 40 45 50
Lie (Degrees) 60.0 60.5 61.0 61.5 62.0 62.5 63.0 63.0
Offset (Inches) 0.160 0.150 0.140 0.130 0.120 0.110 0.100 0.090
Bounce (Degrees) 1 2 2 3 4 5 6 7
Length (Inches) 38.25 37.75 37.25 36.75 36.25 35.75 35.50 35.25
Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons

Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons: boron, baby.

Final Thoughts (Overall: 9 out of 10 Rating)

While it took Mizuno a half-dozen years to develop a method to introduce the 1025 Boron material into the Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons, it will take you quite a bit less time to decide how well these new irons will fit into your golf bag.

Fire up the trade-in calculator, visit with a 2nd Swing clubfitter, and discover what a difference a little boron will make in your game. This a home run for the clubmaker, which incidentally makes some pretty good baseball equipment, too.

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