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Mizuno Players = MP-54 Perfection

Mizuno Players = MP-54 Perfection

Mizuno MP-54 Irons

I was lucky enough to test out the 2014 Mizuno MP-54 Irons. These irons are designed for players that can typically break 80. The club looks like a modern day blade even though it really is a cavity back iron with a compact, stylish look all while offering a decent amount of forgiveness. They look similar to full blade iron in the MP line, the MP-4, however the top line is a little thicker, and the head is slightly longer than the blade. Better players who prefer blades will find that the MP-54’s offer more workability and an extra level of forgiveness.

Technology (100 / 100)

The MP-54 is a thick, powerful Grain Flow Forged iron from a single 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel billet crafted to help players with shotmaking, and provide a little forgiveness. The club has a Steep Muscle Design which creates additional thickness behind the impact spot for a solid feel.

The 3-7 irons design are called a Milled Pocket Cavity, while the 8-PW have a different design called Solid Muscle Design. The pocket cavity (3-7) is not visible at address but really adds to the stability on miss-hits, creates a faster higher launching iron and ultimately a steep landing angle. The Solid Muscle Design (8-PW) allows the iron to behave a bit more like blades and gives the player enhanced feel and added workability.

Looks (100 / 100)

The MP-54 very much looks like a modern day blade, even though it is a cavity. It has a slightly thicker topline than a blade. Don’t get me wrong this topline looks amazing! Mizuno calls this Perimeter Grind technology which reduces the topline appearance and sole width. There is also a matte finish to the topline, which means that the chrome finished area behind the topline is barely visible at address. The subtle black accents on the back of the irons add to the stylish modern look. The head is slightly longer than the MP-4, and the head appears quite large, especially in the shorter irons, which offers players plenty of confidence looking down at the ball, offering help with off-center strikes.

Performance (100 / 100)

Overall I was pleased with my shot numbers. I hit the 6 iron with a KBS Tour 120 stiff shaft. The carry distance with the MP-54 was 184 yards, which is very similar to what I get out of my current irons (Bridgestone J40). The irons were quite accurate, only had one yard of bend! I launched the ball at 16.5ยบ with a spin rate of 5344rpm. These numbers are what I would expect from a quality iron.

If I made the switch to the MP-54s its nice to know that I wouldn’t have to adjust any of my numbers.

Final Thoughts (overall) (100 / 100)

These are great looking irons. The Mizuno MP line never disappoints. Be honest if you can’t break 80, these are not the clubs for you. The MP-54 irons are forgiving, but they are not game-improvement irons. Better players seeking workability and forgiveness I recommend considering these in your next iron purchase.


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