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PGA Pro Ben Crane Seeks Therapy: Slow Life = Slow Play

PGA Pro Ben Crane Seeks Therapy: Slow Life = Slow Play

Latest Video: PGA Pro Ben Crane Seeks Therapy: Slow Life = Slow Play

So Speed Up Life. A lot. Too Much.

One of the slowest players on the PGA Tour, Ben Crane, who’s frankly way more popular for his offbeat humor than his 148th FedEx Cup or 244th World Golf rankings, finally seeks professional help for his notoriously slow play on the course. As usual with insane-in-the-membrane Crane, a helmet, goggles and “protective” scuba suit is optional for yourself. Don’t feel the need to emulate him in any way humanly possible.

Just check it out. And take notes.

And here’s the story behind his slow play reputation from the Washington Post several years ago:

“One of the PGA Tour’s faster players, Rory Sabbatini got paired with Ben Crane, known for his deliberate manner on the golf course, for yesterday’s final round of the Booz Allen Classic, and the combination proved volatile,” according to the Post.

“Sabbatini was seen admonishing Crane for his slow play as they were walking off the course at Congressional Country Club, and the winner of this event in 2003 also showed his displeasure by playing ahead on hole No. 17, walking toward the 18th tee and leaving his partner in the fairway. That incident came soon after the duo had been warned and timed over the previous holes for slow play.”

So now you know why the clearly troubled Crane has been dealing with a number of issues in his life and sought out counseling from a German counselor to try and speed up his life overall. He’s taking the philosophical as well as physical approach. The guy is just deep, man.

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