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Ping G30 Fairway Review

Ping G30 Fairway Review
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Ping G30 Fairway Review

The Ping G30 Fairway has made quite a few updates to its technology compared to last years model. G30 has a hotter more forgiving face to maximize distance but not lose control. This is Ping’s first G Series Fairway allowing for changes in loft, providing 5 settings with up to 1 degree of loft added or subtracted. The head has a little deeper face with new Crown Turbulator’s to help with aim and confidence. Although the club may look like it is directed towards middle to high handicap players, I would recommend this club for any player.


Technology (100 / 100)

Ping’s new G30 Fairway offers a stronger springier face producing faster ball speeds, distance, and a higher launch, all while maintaining the ease to hit the ball of the deck and stability through the ball. The club head is made of strong uniform-thickness carpenter 475 steel, a steel that is 44% stronger than 17-4 stainless to maximize deflection and increase ball speed and generate distance. The G30 face is taller for additional face bending and forgiveness providing players with confidence of a deeper looking face and ability to launch the ball in the air. The low deep center of gravity in the lower lofted fairways promotes a higher launch with optimal spin. The center of gravity shifts more forward and lower in the higher ¬†lofted fairways to keep the launch angle and spin numbers optimized for distance and control in each fairway. Also new this year is the ability adjust the loft in fairway models. There are 5 settings allowing up to a degree difference either way. The other new concept with this fairway is the Crown Turbulators on top of the club head. These Turbulators provide help with aim and confidence and possible aerodynamics to increase club head speed.

Looks (100 / 100)

G30 Turbulator Technology

Ping’s new Turbulator Technology is featured in the G30 Fairway Wood

The new blue coloring, with the black head and sharp white groove lines make this fairway look very appealing. The club head has a nice square setup, a deeper face, and the head looks a little bigger, which promotes confidence. I really like that this club has a deeper face, I felt it helped with the forgiveness. The most noticeable look is the Crown Turbulators. Although it took a while to get used to these marks on top of the head, they have actually grown on me and I like the look. They are designed to help players with their aim and confidence.

Performance (100 / 100)

I hit both the 5 wood 18 degree and 3 wood 14.5 degree head, and also played around with the loft adjustments. When set at standard loft I carried the 5w 249 yards with a total distance of 266 yards. The club launched at 14.4 degrees and I hit a slight draw. These were some great numbers. At standard I also carried the 3w 255 yards for a total distance of 274 yards. The club launched at 12.7 which was not really high enough to maximize my distance with this club. As you can see I only carried my 3w 6 yards further than the 5w. For the best results I lowered the loft on the 5w to 17 degrees, carried the ball further and maintained a higher launch. The new ability to adjust the loft on the fairways is a great selling point and lead to better numbers.

Final Thoughts (100/100)

The ability to adjust the loft in fairways is finally available in Ping G Series Fairways. This along with a nice deep faced head, and a very appealing look has Ping setting the bar. I would recommend the G30 Fairway to all players looking for forgiveness and ease to hit the ball off the deck.

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