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Ping G30 Hybrid Review

Ping G30 Hybrid Review
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Ping G30 Hybrid Review

Ping G30 Hybrids are destined for your bag. I had the opportunity to hit these at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day, and I was very impressed. These hybrids are packed with the latest technology from Ping, and I would recommend going out and give them a try.


Technology (90/100)

Ping G30 Hybrid

Heat Treated Thin Face on the G30 Hybrid

Ping has done a truly wonderful job creating clubs for over the years and when it comes to the G30 Line of clubs there is no exceptions. The G30 Hybrid was easy for me to hit, and I believe that you will find the same experience if you give them a try. They are constructed from 17-4 Stainless Steel and the faces are heated so they can have ultra thin faces which increase ball speed off the face. In addition, the majority of the weight is placed low to produce higher MOI; however the weight is progressively placed in each hybrid, the lower lofted hybrids have the weight placed in the front to reduce spin so longer shots can rollout, and in the higher lofted G30 Hybrids the weight is moved further back to create a better angle of attack and more spin when trying to land it on the green.

Looks (90/100)

Ping has done a really great job of making these pleasing to the eye. I personally prefer the look of an undersized fairway than that of the peanut shape that was the G20 Hybrid. I also really liked the offsetting white score lines against the black face and matte black body, which not only helped with alignment but also strike with confidence.

Performance (90/100)

While at the Demo Day I didn’t have the opportunity to hit these on a launch monitor or see how far my balls were traveling, considering there were probably 200 balls hit every second, it was difficult to follow it after the ball hit the ground. Even though I don’t have any numbers to back up the performance of the G30 Hybrids, I can tell you that my ball flight seemed perfect on every shot. I had extremely consistent trajectories and didn’t slice or hook a single shot except for when I was trying to create power fade, which was more consistent than I have ever been able to produce.

Final Thoughts (Overall 90/100)

Ping’s G30 Hybrids are really sweet clubs. There are no cons to them in my mind. I feel as though Ping has done a superb job of creating a hybrid that will benefit everyone, including those that think they don’t need any benefits. If you’re a scratch golfer or a high handicapper, you would be foolish to not at least give these a try.

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