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Ping G30 Hybrid Review

Ping G30 Hybrid Review
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Ping G30 Hybrid Review

Pings new G30 Hybrid is a beautiful looking club. The new blue coloring, with the black head and sharp white groove lines make this club look very appealing. Like all of Ping G series heads there is a friendly sized head which will appeal to all types of players across the board, from professionals, to beginners. The face feels firmer and feels like its coming off the club head fast with a very nice sound. This is a great hybrid.


Technology (100 / 100)

Ping G30 Hybrid

17-4 Stainless Steel Face Technology featured in the G30 Hybrid

The Ping G30 Hybrid is custom engineered to produce a faster ball speed, longer distance, and higher flight trajectory to be able to stop the ball fast on the greens from longer distances. The technology is a 17-4 stainless steel face which is H900 heat treated to make the face thin but strong, leading to an increase in ball velocity and steeper landing angles to stop the ball fast on the green. Internal weighting creates a high MOI with progressive center of gravity locations on different lofted clubs ensures efficient gapping and trajectories with maximized distance. The lower lofted hybrids center of gravity is further back which promotes a higher launch, while a lower more forward center of gravity in the higher lofted hybrids produces spin to stop the ball fast.

Looks (100 / 100)

This is one really good looking hybrid. The face sits really square, and has some really appealing coloring. The blue coloring, with the black head and a beautiful black top line along with the sharp white grooves really makes this club stand out. It is a big forgiving friendly sized head, which promotes confidence for all types of players.

Performance (100 / 100)

I hit the 3 Hybrid 19 degree hybrid with a stiff TFC 419 shaft, and I found it quite easy to draw and fade, which would be awesome to shape into greens to stop the ball fast. I typically hit a little draw with the club. However it was the numbers that is the selling point in this club. I consistently carried the ball 235 yards, with a total distance of 253 yards. That is plenty of distance and would fit the gap for the challenging shots into the green from 230-250 yards. The launch was at 14 degrees, with 3313 rpm spin rate. Those are very good numbers for me as my current hybrid launches lower and I sometimes have problems stopping the ball on the greens as it comes in to hot. The forgiveness of this club was also incredible, when I felt like I slightly miss hit it the ball still traveled similar to my good shots. This means that I would have the ability to make solid contact even out of the rough.

Final Thoughts (overall) (100 / 100)

I have been searching for a hybrid that gave me better numbers, and ultimately be able to shape the ball and stop it fast on the green. I might just have found my new hybrid. It looks amazing, feels amazing, and responds well with great workability. The Ping G30 Hybrid would be great for every player from professionals to beginners.

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