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PING i20 Fairway Wood Review

PING i20 Fairway Wood Review

PING i20 Fairway Wood Review: $65.99 to $198.99 (Used)

PING i20 Fairway Wood

The 2012 PING i20 Fairway Woods are available HERE used from 2nd Swing.


2nd Swing Golf Blog writer and PGA Pro Matt Keller revisits the 2012 PING i20 Fairway Woods and finds near perfection.


The entire PING i20 line is an upgrade over the previous PING i15 line and one of the best product lines available.  The smaller PING i20 Fairway Wood looks so easy to hit yet still provides the ability to work the ball when needed. 


Better players will appreciate the look and performance of the PING i20 Fairway Woods


PING i20 Fairway Wood

The 2012 PING i20 Fairway Wood at address. Still silky smooth.

Technology (8 out of 10 Rating)

PING designed the i20 Fairway with a low and deep center of gravity (CG) for a low spin and high launch. The compact shape will glide though thicker grass and still create a high launch. The perimeter weight and square setup of the i20 clubhead promotes a square impact position. 

Additionally, the i20 promotes the ability work the ball and control trajectory. The PING i20 Fairway Wood appears simple and rates above average in technology.

2nd Swing Golf master clubfitter Aaron Roth reviews the PING i20 Fairway Wood in this 2nd Swing Channel YouTube video:

PING i20 Fairway Wood

PING i20 Fairway Wood face. Makes ya wanna crush a ball.

Looks (10 out of 10 Rating)

The PING i20 Fairway Wood offers an outstanding appearance with a traditional clubhead design. The non-glare black matte finish looks great at address. 

The i20 also features a neutral-face position compared to the PING i15 Fairway Wood’s open position. The compact shape of the i20 Fairway promotes the clubhead to glide through heavy grass and promote a high, straight ball flight.

The i20’s combination of the compact clubhead and black finish rate extremely well.

PING i20 Fairway Wood

PING i20 Fairway Wood toe.

Performance (10 out of 10 Rating)

I played the PING i15 Fairway Wood for two seasons and really enjoyed the compact head design and solid performance. However, misses with the i15 fairway tended to go left.

I tested the 15-degree i20 3-wood with the stock TFC 707F Shaft in stiff flex. The i20 Fairway comes in with a D3 swing weight and small 141cc compact clubhead. 

The neutral face and smaller profile help launch the ball in the air. So, the PING i20 Fairway Wood helps reduce misses to the left, yet still permit the ability to control trajectory and work the ball. 

The 2012 PING i20 is potentially the longest PING fairway wood (which is saying something), however, the 2011 PING G20 Fairway Wood and 2010 K15 Fairway Wood are slightly more forgiving on off-center hits. 

PING did a great job improving on the 2009 PING i15 Fairway Wood with a more-forgiving i20 Fairway. The PING i20 Fairway Wood performs great off the tee or a tight lie in the fairway. The ball jumps off the clubface with a crisp sound at impact. 

The PING i20 Fairway easily rates near-perfect in performance.  

Check out this YouTube video of 2nd Swing Golf club expert Pete Karle reviewing the club with Marty Jertson, PING Golf lead designer:

PING i20 Fairway Wood

I wanna hit the PING i20 Fairway Wood when I see this.

Final Thoughts (Overall Rating: 10 out of 10, Near-Total Perfection from PING!)

The PING i20 is one of the best fairway woods on the market and definitely worth upgrading from the PING i15 Fairway Wood. Similar to the PING i20 Driver, the i20 fairway is more suited for low- to mid-handicap players while the more forgiving G20 and K15 fairway woods favor mid- to high-handicap players. 

The i20 was originally priced at $229.99, directly in line with the competition (See for competitive used club prices.). Pick up a new or used PING i20 fairway at a reduced price and you found yourself a steal. 

With a great look, feel and performance, the PING i20 Fairway Wood rates as good as it gets. 

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