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SkyPro Swing Analyzer: Best new gadget, mos def

SkyPro Swing Analyzer: Best new gadget, mos def

New SkyPro Swing Analyzer Review: $199.99

Every golfer looks for any competitive edge to win a $10 dollar bet or just to even cut their handicap in half from the previous year.

Getting fit for the right golf clubs will improve your golf scores. However, when you pair the right golf clubs with a fine-tuned golf swing, golfers will experience the best scores of their lives. And the new SkyPro Swing Analyzer by SkyCaddie will allow any golfer to perfect their golf swing just like their favorite touring pro. 

Now that’s a bold statement I know is true. And it’s all done directly from any of your clubs clearly to your smartphone, tablet or other computer device. 

Technology/Looks (100 percent)

The SkyPro swing analyzer is as cool a device as I have ever seen.

This is a simple-looking piece of equipment only about 2 inches long by a 1/2 inch wide, and it fits securely on the golf shaft just under the grip.

skypro on shaft

The SkyPro comes in a small box that is used for storage and also to charge the device. To properly charge the sky pro all one has to do is place the device in the storage box and connect the USB cord into any USB port. A flashing red light will indicate a charge is needed and a solid light will indicate a fully charged device.

The technology within the SkyPro is what is so cutting edge. Inside the sky pro is a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope. These instruments are used to capture numerous swing characteristics at different checkpoints throughout the entire backswing and downswing. Examples of the data compiled are swing speed, swing plane, face angle, angle of attack, and shaft lean just to name a few. It’s how this data is retrieved and stored is what makes this swing device so efficient.

The Sky Pro swing analyzer connects via Bluetooth with any iPhone or iPod having Apple iOS 7.0 or greater. The data is compiled through a free App in iTunes that can be downloaded in just seconds (The SkyPro website says it does not work with Android devices, yet.).

First, the device must be calibrated to the iPhone or iPod by placing your SkyPro on the golf shaft. Then you must place the iPhone or iPod on the face of the golf club to calibrate the gyroscopes and accelerometers of  both the sky pro and the iPhone or iPod. Now you are ready to hit golf shots and gather data.

You can program the exact club being hit as well as organize all your swings within the SkyPro app that is eventually stored in the cloud. What a simple process that can lead to unbelievable improvements in one’s golf game.


SkyPro view

Performance (99 percent)

The SkyPro Swing Analyzer has several features that can be used to improve your golf swing. The important tools to focus on to perfect your golf swing are in the “Analyze” feature, “Swing” and “Groove” modes.

In the Swing mode you can analyze all the data that was recorded from your backswing and downswing. If you are wondering what this data means or where a technically sound swing should be, SkyPro will have a description and an image to accompany your swing data.

Now the Groove mode is where the improvements will be made. Based on your swing data, you can manually set alerts to fine-tune your swing.

In the Groove mode, any golfer can manually set the alerts to make sure your golf swing is technically sound or programmed to hit that soft draw or fade. After the swing concludes and the data is gathered, SkyPro will compile the data and inform you how efficient your swing was — based on the settings you defined.

If your swing is not within the manual setting you programmed, an alert will appear. The fewer the alerts, the better the golf swing.

The SkyPro is as close to a flawless method available to helping you perfect the golf swing you have always wanted.


Final Thoughts (overall 99.5 percent)

Now everyone knows that popular cliche of “practice makes perfect.” But how do you know if you’re practicing the right things or the right fundamentals? With the SkyPro Swing Analyzer you will know what the perfect fundamentals are. It’s all about “perfect practice makes perfect.”

Oh, and one more great thing about this device, you can use this to analyze your putting stroke too. For only $199.99, you can have the swing and putting stroke that resembles your favorite touring pro.

skypro box

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