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Thomas Campbell Pursues the PGA: Off season fitness part 1

Thomas Campbell Pursues the PGA: Off season fitness part 1

Thomas Campbell Pursues the PGA: Off season fitness part 1


K-Vest Technology

K-Vest 3d Technology

I have begun my off season preparation, and I’m currently into my 2nd program. This is a very important time of the year to get my body figured out and golf fit so I can achieve what I want to with my golf swing. This offseason I will be working with Lynn Anderson at Totally Driven Fitness to get my body in golf shape for my 2015 season. A few days after the 2nd evaluate my golf fitness level, and then have my swing evaluated using the K-Vest 3D technology. The physical screening tested my stability, mobility, flexibility, golf posture, balance, strength and power. All of which are equally important to perform at a high level. The swing analysis using the K-Vest measured my swing efficiency and kinematic sequence, which corresponded with the stability and mobility issues which were found in my physical screening. The analysis of both testing demonstrates the importance of the golf specific program I was prescribed after the testing.

The Results

The Physical Screening is split into two parts, the strength, and mobility. After the assessment I received a fitness handicap, which just like a golf handicap the lower is better.

Strength Fitness Handicap = 14

The strength portion of the TPI screening comprised of 6 exercises:

1) Single Arm Press – I can only push 10-15% of my body weight 8 times either on my dominant or non dominant side, which is below tour average.

2) Single Arm Pull – I can only pull 15-20% of my body weight 8 times on either my dominant or non dominant side, which is below tour average.

3) Split Squat Test – I can only split squat 120-130% of my body weight 8 times with either lead leg forward, which is below tour average.

4) Seated Chest Pass – I could pass the medicine ball 18-20 feet, which is just below tour average.

5) Sit-Up and Throw – I could throw the medicine ball 14-16 feet, which is below tour average.

6) Vertical Jump – I could jump 21 inches, which is tour average.

The only Test I passed was the vertical jump!

Mobility Fitness Handicap = 12

The mobility portion of the TPI screening comprised of 16 assessments:


Thomas Campbell working on his balance this off season

1) Pelvic Tilt Test – normal and smooth motion

2) Pelvic Rotation Test – good coordinated control and motion, but even better when assisted

3) Torso Rotation Test – good both directions, but even better when assisted

4) Overhead Deep Squat Test – limited deep squat due to poor calf flexibility

5) Toe Touch Test – great flexibility

6) 90/90 Test – rotation range of motion limited

7) Single Leg Balance – less than 5 seconds on both legs with eyes closed

8) The Lat Test – 120 degrees flexion, 50 degrees short of tour average

9) Lower Quarter Rotation Test – limited rotation on left and right leg

10) Seated Trunk Rotation – limited rotation of thoracic spine in both directions

11) Bridge with Leg Extension – good strength and stability in both glutes

12) Forearm Rotation Test – limited pronation (down), good supination (up)

13) Wrist Hinge Test – normal

14) Wrist Flexion Test – normal

15) Wrist extension Test – normal

16) Reach Roll and Lift – good range of motion left and right.


The K-Vest 3D Technology measured my movement patterns and swing efficiency, to show my swing faults and reconfirm the results from my fitness evaluations. From the results of both tests Lynn prescribed me a workout plan, through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) website. The great thing about this website is that you can find everything you need to complete your workout. I have a calendar and when I click on the specific days workout I am presented with my workout. To make it easier to understand each specific exercise has a video to follow. My goal is to put on about 15 pounds of muscle and loose any fat that I have. I only weigh 160 pounds, so getting to 175 will be a challenge. However before I can race to lifting the heavy weights I must take care of functioning my muscles beginning with the prescribed exercises I have in my specific workouts that target my weaknesses and imbalances. I’m very motivated fix my weaknesses, so I can begin my next phase of putting on muscle so I can hit the ball further with a more stable reliable swing.

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