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Titleist 716 AP2 Irons

Titleist 716 AP2 Irons

Titleist 716 AP2 Irons:

Technology  (100 / 100)

The 716 AP2 irons retain the looks, forged feel and flight characteristics of Titleist’s previous model, while adding 25 percent more tungsten to their design to improve performance on off-center hits. The extreme high density tungsten weighting positions, allows the CG (Center of Gravity) to be low and becomes perfectly aligned at impact for more speed, especially on off center hits, providing additional feel and forgiveness. The 716 AP2 forged construction is 1025 carbon steel, providing a solid forged feel. The CG progression provides precise, tour-proven trajectory throughout the set. A slightly wider sole with trailing edge provides fast contact through the turf with less resistance.

Looks  (100 / 100)

The 716 AP2 irons look very similar to the prevoius AP2 models. Titleist continues to get it right with the AP2 line. I believe the AP2 line has been so sucessful due to its compact size. The top line is thin, but not too thin that you think you are hitting a blade.

Performance  (90 / 100)

I hit the 716 AP2 7 iron with a True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 shaft.  My carry distance was 173 yards, for a total of 180 yards. These carry numbers are identical to my current irons. I wouldn’t have to make any distance adjustments. The 716 AP2 irons had a solid forged feel, but by no means are these irons distance improvement irons. The forged construction (1025 carbon steel) and its reinforced club face design limits the distance these irons will fly a ball. The launch was 21.1 degrees, which was the highest launching iron I reviewed today. I appreciate the high launching abilty as I will be able to stop the ball on the greens fast, however I would be concerned that in widy conditions I could struggle to control my ball flight.

Final Thoughts (overall) (98 / 100)

Expect the 716 AP2 irons to go a little farther on mishits than previous models, but  if your main goal is to increase distance, I recommend you look for more distance orientated irons. However if playabilty, forgiveness and control is what you require, these are the clubs. I would recommend these irons to single digit handicappers.

716 AP2, 716 MB, Apex Pro 16, Apex CF16, I Series Irons, PSI Irons

6 Iron Set put up to the test by Thomas Cambell

Club Carry Total Spin Launch
Titleist 716 AP2 173 180 5841 21.1
Callaway Apex Pro 16 173 181 5826 20.7
Titleist 716 MB 174 181 6145 20.9
Ping i Series 178 188 5013 18.9
TaylorMade PSI 186 194 5581 18.6
Callaway Apex CF16 199 209 4554 19.3

*Comparision of irons reviewed today

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