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Gallery: 2014 Honma Tour World TW717 455 Driver

Gallery: 2014 Honma Tour World TW717 455 Driver

Honma Golf

Honma Golf has been in the business of handcrafting rather than mass producing golf clubs for half a century. The company is the lifeblood and pride of Sakata, Japan, where it is the largest employer. Each Honma club takes 100 people and six months to produce. It’s known for its ground-breaking innovations with the blending of different metals. Here’s a look at another one of its exclusive new clubs, the Tour World TW717 455 Driver.

New Honma Tour World TW717 455 Driver




Honma’s 455 Driver has what the company describes as a sharp shape to allow you to hit the ball as hard as you want:

  • That shape allows you to hit the ball as hard as you want while helping to prevent the clubface from closing too much on impact.
  • Approximately 4-gram weights embedded at the toe and heel are designed to increase the moment of inertia and enhance the straightness of the head in motion.



Here’s a couple more facts from Honma about its 2014 Tour World TW717 455 Driver:

  • A dual-fusion face made possible with an uneven-thickness design mitigates carry loss when a ball is hit improperly has been employed.
  • The rebound area has been enlarged.
  • Chemical milling reduces weight while maintaining strength.



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