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J15 Wedges Perform for the Pro’s

J15 Wedges Perform for the Pro’s

J15 Wedges From Bridgestone Golf

The J15 Wedges are available in black oxide or a satin finish.

Technology (97/ 100)

The J15 Wedges are designed to provide spin and versatility through 3 key technologies. The Sure Contact Sole design; offers unique heel side shaping that features a reduced profile and ensures consistent forgiving accuracy and turf interaction from any lie on the course. The J15 Wedges Pro Groove Design focuses groove efforts on increasing the inner groove area for the wedges. The aggressive conforming U grooves offer unmatched ability to channel dirt, water and debris away from the face, increasing spin and ensuring consistent ball to face contact from all lies. The J15 Wedges Durable Heat Treatment provides heat-treated faces for enhanced durability and longer club life. This unique heating process reinforces the premium forged carbon steel face without compromising club feel or performance.
The J15 Forged Wedges are available in lofts of 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60.

Looks (98/ 100)   

J15 Wedges

J15 Wedges

I Love the way the head sits down behind the ball. The J15 has a stylish and innovate look. Personally I prefer the matte black oxide finish as it is not as shiny, but a player that likes the shiny looks will be really impressed with the satin chrome look. The wedges look slightly smaller than the previous J40 models but you get used it it right away.

Performance (95/ 100)

I carry two J15 black oxide wedges in my bag, a 54 and 60 degree. I use the  S400 True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shaft. My 60 degree wedge can carry 90 yards, although for gaping purposes my 9 o’clock swing carries 70 yards, and my 10:30 swing carries 80 yards. My 54 degree wedge can carry 110 yards, although for gaping purposes my 9 o’clock swing carries 90 yards, and my 10:30 swing carries 100 yards. I love the gaping distance I have with these wedges and wouldn’t change a thing.

The J15 really grabs the ball on full swings, even out of the rough which helps get the balls to bite quick. The spin is also predictable providing control on chips and pitches. The feel is super soft, and the club doesn’t feel as heavy as many wedges do. More of an elite players club, the curved leading edge and bounce profile can be intimidating on tight lies, and requires a very good execution.

Final Thoughts (overall) (96/ 100)

Leave this club for the elite players who have great feel around the green. The club feels incredibly soft and is great to look down at, but does not offer forgiveness on badly executed shots. However when you make solid contact from the fairway and even the rough, you will get plenty of bite. If your a great player I highly recommend this wedge, as I already have them in my bag.

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