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CB PROh Irons From Tour Edge

CB PROh Irons From Tour Edge

Tour Edge Exotics CB PROh Irons

Are you looking for extra distance in your iron game? Check out the Tour Edge Exotics CB PROh irons. They look and feel amazing, launch high and carry further than you thought possible!

Technology (10 / 10)

The technology in the long irons (2-7) is what Tour Edge calls a full-hollow design. These heads are cast from 430 stainless steel and have a hollow cavity that moves the center of gravity (CG) lower and deeper in the head to provide a higher launch and added forgiveness, which is very important in long irons. A very thin, forged face made of stronger, thinner 420 stainless steel has been laser welded to the irons face to produce a hot face and a soft, responsive feel. In the short irons (8-P), Tour Edge Exotics CB PROh Irons use a one-piece design with a multi-material iron plaque located behind the badging of the irons to dampen vibrations. The short irons are cast from 431 stainless steel, and are more compact to improve playability from tougher lies. These shorter irons have a more boring trajectory offering workability, which is what most players benefit from in the shorter irons.

CB PROh Iron Technology

CB PROh Iron Technology


Looks (9.5 / 10)

I have always liked the looks of Tour Edge Exotics irons, and although there are differences from previous models, these irons are no exception. To best describe the look of these irons would be a forged-blade hybrid all combined. At address the back of the iron is quite visible in the longer irons, by the 5 iron the back disappears, giving a much nicer iron look from 5-P. The look of the longer irons (especially 2-3 iron) look like a driving iron, If I could play one of these longer irons in replace of my hybrid I wouldn’t mind seeing that extra bulk at address, which gave me a feeling of power and control at setup. But how would the numbers for the long irons stack up to my current hybrid? Lets check out the performance!

Performance. (10 / 10)

I started to try the CB PROh  6 iron first. All I can say is wow!! I carried the ball 196 yards for a total distance of 206 yards. This is 11 yards further than my current 6 iron distance (one whole club). The launch angle equally impressed me with 17.8 degrees, a much higher angle than my current 6 iron. Any player could use that extra distance! However I wanted to check out the distance of the longer irons. Could I replace my current hybrid with a CB PROh 2 iron or 3 iron? I tried out the 3 iron and was equally impressed with the distance with the longer irons. I carried the 3 iron 228 yards for a total distance of 254 yards. That is about how far I hit my 19 degree hybrid! The launch was down at 12.7 degrees but the ball went so straight! I have to consider one of these longer irons to replace my hybrid.

Final Thoughts (overall) (9.8 / 10)

How does one extra club of distance sound? On average I hit the ball 11 yards further with the CB PROh irons. Personally I am more interested in replacing my hybrid with a long iron, but overall the whole set of irons will produce more distance, without the loss of feel. Definitely an iron set to consider that may fly under the radar.

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