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How to Customize the Size of Your Golf Grip

How to Customize the Size of Your Golf Grip

If you go to all the trouble and expense to get a new set of golf clubs there is one thing that you must be sure to address. What is the correct grip size for your hands.

You may refer to an earlier article posted here at 2nd Swing Blog about how the grip must seat into your hands and whether or not you need an oversize or undersize grip. However, in this article I’ll talk mainly about the way the grip can be altered to better achieve a custom fit for your hands.

After you determine how your current grip fits your hands, you should be able to deduce as to whether you need a little larger, much larger, a little smaller, etc. grip size to better fit you.

Measure the outside diameter (OD) of your grip at a point 3” inches down from the top of the grip (end of the club). Next measure the OD of your current grip at 6” down from the top.

3 Inches In on the Top Hand

3 Inches In on the Top Hand

3 Inches In Outside Diameter

3 Inches In – Outside Diameter

The 3” location is to simulate the thickness feel of the grip in the left hand (for a right handed golfer). The 6” location is obviously for the thickness feel in the right hand. These locations may be fine-tuned by taking measurements every inch from the top of the grip to 7 – 8” down, but I have found over many years of working with Tour players that the 3” and 6” locations do the trick.

As an example, my grip OD measurements are: .900” at 3” down and .810” at 6”down. Your measurements may be totally different so this is only an example.

6 Inches In OD

6 Inches In OD

6 Inches In Outside Diameter

6 Inches In – Outside Diameter

Add one layer of regular masking tape to the butt end of the shaft down to the 6” mark, and spiral it down the shaft so as not to overlap. This will increase your outside grip size by approximately 1/64”. I’d suggest only going 1/64” oversize at first since you’ll be surprised how much of a difference a small amount of increased thickness will make.

Put the tape on just one grip to check the feel. If you think you need more, pull off the grip and add another layer of tape. Another layer will bring the OD increase to about 1/32” oversize.

Adding any more tape under the grip will certainly alter the feel and balance of your club. Remember that you are adding a small amount of weight to the butt end of the golf club; therefore you are changing the swing-weight. You can add a small amount of lead tape to the head to bring the club back to your desired swing-weight.

Some golfers with large, very fast hands, like Bubba Watson, put an inordinate amount of tape under their grips to create the very oversize thickness and feel they need. But as I said, I’d stick with trying the 1/64” to 1/32”.

You can buy grips already molded to thicker oversized specs without adding all the tape underneath, but you are still adding weight to the butt end of the golf club.

Sometimes you can just use a different core size of grip to affect a change. There is a small number molded inside the lip of the grip opening that tells you if the grip was designed to fit a shaft with a .600” or .580” butt size. If you merely put a grip marked “M58” over a .600” shaft butt you will slightly stretch the grip wall to create a somewhat larger OD. Conversely, if you want to create a smaller grip OD, then try a “M60” over a .580” shaft butt.

Give it a try. After you spend a little time experimenting, you’ll find that you have made your grips just the way you like them. Add a bit more under the 6” right hand location to help limit the quick hook. Or try a smaller grip to help soften that slice and maybe hit a draw.

Your new customized grips will help you consistently produce the type of golf shots you seek to hit.

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