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Explosive Golf Drive Exercises

Explosive Golf Drive Exercises

Explosive Golf Drive Exercises

For this Long Drive series installment, 2nd Swing Golf Blog writer and Long Drive competitor Teddy VanRanst will focus on golf drive exercises, specifically the stretching aspects and different routines, that maximize distance off of the tee.

The first stretch in a solid repertoire is the walking lunge. Done properly, it stretches your hip flexors, abs, quads and rear. This is an important stretch because it will increase mobility within your joints, along with increasing your ability to turn on your take-away.

Remember, all these golf drive exercise give you the ability to hit the ball farther. With all of them, like in golf, try to be consistent but not overdo it either.

golf drive exercises

The walking lunge.

In order to perform this stretch, place feet together and step forward with one foot. Once that foot hits the ground, lower the forward knee onto the ground in a controlled manner and twist away from the lowered knee. (Note: If you want to increase the stretch, raise your hands up and away while twisting from the knee on the ground.)

Repeat 10 times for 2-3 sets.

The second stretch that I do for my golf drive exercises is a series of shoulder stretches.

First, grab any towel long enough to hold as shown in the picture below.

golf drive exercises

Shoulder stretches with a towel.

Pull down on the towel until you feel a stretch underneath your upper arm, roughly where the sideways arrow is pointing to.

Next, pull up on the towel, stretching the front of the lower arms shoulder. Hold each stretch for approximately 20-30 seconds, and then alternate which hand is on top and bottom.

Stretching the shoulders and obliques will allow for a bigger shoulder turn, creating more clubhead speed and distance off of the tee. 

Next, place one hand between your shoulder blades, or as close to them as possible. With the other hand holding your elbow, lean and pull up with your opposite hand. If done correctly, you should feel the stretch from your triceps all the way down your obliques. This is a great stretch for freeing up tight muscles and allowing a bigger range of motion.

golf drive exercises

The shoulder overhead stretch/exercise.

Hold for 20 seconds and repeat 3 times for each arm.

The next stretch for my golf drive exercises is very simple, yet effective for increasing shoulder turn for golfers. Simply pull from your wrist upwards until the arm coming up is at your triceps. By this point, you should feel a stretch on the back part of your shoulder.

golf drive exercises

The shoulder posterior stretch/exercise.

(Note: If you want to increase the stretch, twist with it to hit your obliques as well.) Repeat 3 times for 20 seconds each arm.

Your abs, back and wrists are the final key in having a faster swing speed and farther drives.

For stretching my abdominals, besides the twists and arm stretches listed above, I do the stretch pictured below. Face down, press your upper half upwards as high as you can and then walk your hands back towards your hips. Also, if you turn your head to the upper right and upper left, it intensifies the stretch.

golf drive exercises

Hand walking is great for your hamstrings, abs and overall core. But be careful not to bend too much at the waist with this one.

Do this for for 30 seconds, up to 5 times.

Having a strong, yet flexible body is vital to being able to maximize your energy throughout your physique, into the club and through the ball.

The “cat pose” is a proven and effective stretch to help strengthen and stretch out your lower back. Very simple, yet effective.

golf drive exercises

The cat pose is great for the lower back. Here’s the starting point. Or you can begin with a straight, “tabled” back pose.

I would recommend doing it for 10-15 seconds, then resting 10-15 seconds before doing it again. Repeat up to 5 times. A common source of pain in most golfers, the lower back stretch will not only help improve distance, but also alleviate pain over time.

golf drive exercises

Here’s the cat pose’s stretch. Hold it a bit. And repeat.

Lastly, and possibly the most important golf drive exercises for longer drives includes stretching your wrists.

Wrist flexibility and strength go hand in hand with long drives. As seen in the picture below, simply lift you hand towards the sky to stretch the bottom of your wrist and forearm, while pulling down stretches the top of your wrist and forearm.

golf drive exercises

Wrist stretches are crucial for long drives.

(Note: When doing this stretch, pull until you feel a stretch and hold. Do not stretch if you feel pain or discomfort in your wrist or forearm.) Repeat 3-5 times for 15 seconds each.


golf drive exercises

Long Drive champ Jamie Sadlowski’s golf swing.

See above how these stretches and exercises are put into practice. Notice the angle created by cocking one’s wrists. At the top of Long Drive champion Jamie Sadlowski’s swing, his wrists are cocked. Halfway through his downswing, they are still cocked. He finally fires them at the bottom of his swing, releasing the club and high amounts of lag created by holding that cocked position.

These are just a golf drive exercises people, such as myself and Sadlowski, do in order to gain distance on their drives. When doing these stretches, do not try and push your limits right away. Build upon your last stretching session — and be patient.

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