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Gallery: 2014 Honma Tour World TW717 430 Driver

Gallery: 2014 Honma Tour World TW717 430 Driver

Honma Golf

Honma Golf has been in the business of handcrafting rather than mass producing golf clubs for half a century. The company is the lifeblood and pride of Sakata, Japan, where it is the largest employer. Each Honma club takes 100 people and six months to produce. It’s known for its ground-breaking innovations with the blending of different metals.¬†

New Honma Tour World TW717 430 Driver




The Honma Tour World TW717 430 Driver has a high-back form to allow for easier ball control. Here are just a few of the other features, according to the company:

  • Maneuverability is emphasized with an optimal center-of-gravity design.
  • A high-back enables you to imagine striking the ball as the club head travels along a level plane
  • Despite being slightly undersized, the club launches balls on a powerful trajectory thanks to added volume across the thickness of the head.

A couple more 2014 Honma Tour World TW717 430 Driver facts:

  • By partially modifying the thickness of the face, the rebound area has been enlarged to mitigate the carry loss caused when a ball is hit incorrectly.
  • It has a “power crown” for launching balls on a powerful trajectory.
  • The slightly oval-faced shape helps prevent the head from returning too much on the backswing.



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