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iPing Putting App – A Putting Coach for the Everyman

iPing Putting App – A Putting Coach for the Everyman







Dave Stockton charges $600+ an hour, Stan Utley costs $1,500 for three hours of his time.  David Leadbetter?  $3,500 for three hours of instruction to work on your game privately and fix that interesting thing you call a golf swing.  If you’ve got that kind of cash then by all means enlist the help of the top gurus in the game to help you with your game.

However if you’re like the average golfer you probably don’t spend $3,500 a year for instruction, let alone for three hours of time.  So apart from going to your local PGA Professional for instruction (which by the way is probably the best investment in your game you can make) what options does a player have to provide immediate and effective feedback that will help improve your game?

Perhaps one of the most innovative, creative and downright fun tools that is on the market today comes from Ping for the iPhone 4 & 4S.  It’s called the iPing Putter App, and it comes in two parts.  The first is the app that you download from iTunes for free, the second is the cradle which can be purchased from most Apple stores for $29.95.  Now when you open the package try not to think that you just spent that much money for a simple piece of molded plastic that clips onto your putter shaft.  Even though essentially that’s all it is, the real value comes from the ‘free’ app and what it can do.

iPing uses the phones motion sensing technology to:

–          Analyze your impact angle to improve putting mechanics.

–          Classifies your stroke rotation to match you with the PING putter that makes you the most consistent.

–          Measures the tempo if your stroke to improve control.

–          Compares your consistency scores with Tour Pros, or your friends.

In addition it gives you the ability to simply practice your stroke and it gives you feedback on what type of stroke you have; straight, slight-arc, or strong arc.  Your impact angle, whether it’s open or shut at impact, and your tempo.  It’s a great tool to hone your putting stroke to maximize consistency.  The key to any good putting stroke is one that is repeatable and consistent, one that can be duplicated time after time.  The iPing Cradle and App is a great tool to help you build that stroke.

Additionally, Ping has created what they’re calling their PHcp, or Putting Handicap, which is a measure of your consistency over a number of putts.  By measuring your stroke type, impact angle and tempo they formulate a number that determines how consistent your stroke is.  The lower the number, the better, more consistent the stroke a player has.  Ping has also included in the app the ability to compare an individual PHcp to that of various Ping Tour Staff, like Angel Cabrera, Hunter Mahan, and others.

Overall, is the iPing Putter Cradle and App going to make someone a tour caliber putter?  No, not likely.  But it will help to give an idea of where a player is and allow a player to track what their stroke is like, and what needs improvement.  And that’s never a bad thing.

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