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Nike VR Forged Wedges

Nike VR Forged Wedges

Nike VR Forged Wedges: $69.99 to $73.99

Nike Golf says players can match their swings, game and course conditions using its 2014 Nike VR Forged Wedges, which is a 60-degree standard grind golf club.

This means that the Nike VR Forged Wedges (The VR stands for Victory Red.) are designed to optimize spin and control around the greens.

Nike VR Forged Wedge

Nike VR Forged Wedge (Black). The VR stands for Tiger Woods’ “Victory Red.” The black is just cool.

2013 Nike VR Forged Wedge (Black): $69.99

“The Nike Victory Red Forged Wedge is designed for shot making and was created with the insights of top-level players,” according to Nike Golf.

The Nike VR Forged Wedge series of clubs has high-frequency, textured grooves and a dual-sole design. The Nike VR Forged Wedge (Black) also comes with a Temper Dynamic Gold Shaft. Nike Golf offers the finest-quality Temper Dynamic Gold shaft for durability.

Nike VR Forged Wedge

The premier Temper Dynamic Gold shafts come standard on the Nike VR Forged Wedges.

The Nike VR Forged Wedge series’ dual-sole was designed to allow the leading clubface’s edge to sit lower to the ball for better control.

Nike VR Forged Wedge

The Nike VR Forged Wedge in a blade style with a chrome finish.


Nike VR Forged Wedge (Chrome-Blade): $59.99

Meanwhile, the high-frequency grooves have laser cross-hatch texture for maximum flight control and consistent shots. Nike claims this is a stronger, more aggressive groove edge with deeper channels that deliver “ultimate stopping power and distance control.” 

Not to worry, all this new tech also conforms to USGA rules

Nike VR Forged Wedge

Nike VR Forged Wedge. Groovy.

According to the sporting goods giant, its Nike VR Forged Wedge series uses a soft 1025 carbon steel, finished in durable stain chrome. It’s intended to deliver enhanced shot-making consistency, tour-level feel and long-life groove performance.

Nike VR Forged Wedge

Nike VR Forged Wedge, silky smooth in a satin finish.

Nike VR Forged Wedge (Satin): $69.99 to $73.99

In addition to black, chrome-blade and satin finishes, according to Nike Golf, it’s made also three grinds available for these reasons:

  • The standard grind has the most versatile profile for all conditions (available in full loft/bounce offerings).
  • The dual-narrow grind features a narrow sole width with higher bounce and extreme heel relief. It sits low to the ball whether square or open.
  • Finally, the dual-wide grind offers all the benefits of a wider sole with a low bounce. It’s accurate from the bunker but still deadly from narrow lies.
Nike VR Forged Wedge

The three different grinds for the Nike VR Forged Wedge series.

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