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Odyssey Black Series Tour Designs 8 Putter Review

Odyssey Black Series Tour Designs 8 Putter Review

Odyssey Black Series Tour Designs 8 Putter Review


Odyssey came out with the Black Series Tour Design putters in 2011. That year Golf Digest selected this putter to be on the Gold Hot List.


TECHNOLOGY (8 out of 10)

Odyssey used a group of proven classic designs from years past to create the Black Series Tour Designs line of putters. The #8 model is a clean rendition of the vintage Wilson 8802/8813 or “Designed by Arnold Palmer” model.

The head is comprised of a soft 1025 carbon steel body with a good sized Tungsten weight attached to the rear flange of the clubhead. Between the two is a very thin layer of urethane to help dampen the sound and feel when the ball is stuck. All of this is presented with a matte black finish.

As I have said in previous club reviews, Tungsten is not a cheap material. The fact that Odyssey used this metal to achieve the desired head weight and feel that they were looking for shows that they spared no expense.


LOOKS (10 out of 10)Odyssey Black Series Tour Designs 8 top view

They did a wonderful job of re-creating the classic 8802 look. The head shape is nicely formed and then milled to have a flange that blends properly into the topline of the putter. The flat black finish helps mute any sun glare.

I really like the hosel offset and the way they blended the neck into the heel of the head. So many copies of this archetypal putter style are botched when they put on a funky neck with an ungodly shaped hosel. You must hit all the right points to make a true classic heel-shafted flange putter.

This putter sets up well at address due to the proper sole dig angle manufactured into the head. Again, over the years many copies of this type design set up with closed faces due to a poorly shaped sole. The Tour Designs 8 does it correctly.


PERFORMANCE (10 out of 10)

I am a real aficionado of heel-shafted flange design putters. I’ve got quite a few in my personal collection. I’ve always loved the way a properly designed version sets up to the ball. It helps me aim the putter head more precisely, which is a main component of good putting. The well designed Tour Designs 8 allows you to aim the head with confidence.

The extra mass provided by the Tungsten back weight brings a slightly heavier, more stable feel to your hands as you swing the putter. This extra weight also helps direct the ball on your intended line and aids in steadying any putter twitches.

The ball feels solid coming off the face as it tracks toward the hole.


FINAL THOUGHTS (10 out of 10)

Odyssey did a superb job of creating a well-shaped, solid feeling putting instrument. You can’t help but be more confident as you set up and aim the putter head. And that’s what putting is about.

These putters, when new, were priced at a premium versus other standard putters. But now in the used market you may find some deals that bring them in line with your budget. As long as the putter has not been abused or beat up, you should be able to locate a good one. Here’s your chance to own a fine example of this style putter.

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