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Ping Eye 2 Gorge Wedge Review

Ping Eye 2 Gorge Wedge Review
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Ping Eye 2 Gorge Wedge Review

Two great technologies combined into one. PING has hit the jackpot with these new wedges! The Ping Eye 2 Gorge wedge, with Ping’s famous Gorge grooves now installed into the traditional Eye 2 tour proven look is quite the hit! If you like the look, you’ve got to have these wedges in your bag.


Technology (100 / 100)

Eye 2 Gorge Wedge

The classic look of the Ping Eye 2 Gorge Wedge

The Ping Eye2 Gorge wedge is a combined updated version of the classic Eye2 wedge. It looks like the Ping XG wedge but has sharper more spinny grooves, featuring Ping’s very popular Gorge grooves providing spin and stopping power. Similarly to the Ping Eye wedge look which golfers have played for the past 30 years it has the same perimeter weighting and sole contour of the original design. The Gorge groves in the Ping Eye 2 Gorge wedge are precission-milled which helps players with delicate shots around the green, or out of the sand, while the wedges perimeter weighting and sole contour optimizes forgiveness and control. The wedges come as a standard sand wedge (56 degrees) or Lob Wedge (60 degrees)

Looks (90 / 100)

Nothing has changed with the look of the Ping Eye 2 Gorge wedge. The wedge looks just like the classic Eye 2 wedges through the years, looking just like the latest XG model. The wedge still has its traditional non-glare satin finish. Personally I like the looks of your typical Vokey or Cleveland wedges. The Eye 2 Gorge club face looks too open at address. It is something I could get used to but would prefer the other looks of more traditional wedges.

Performance (97 / 100)

The combination of the traditional Eye 2 tour proven design look and conforming Gorge grooves really is a selling point to these wedges. As expected the grooves provided a great amount of spin on the full shots, and chip shots around the greens. The ball felt so soft off the club face, which really surprised me. As I mentioned the club face does look open at address, but this does provide advantages. I felt really confident hitting flop shots, knowing the club face would glide under the ball easily. Although I didn’t hit any bunker shots, I would expect great results out of the sand with this open club face, especially when you need to get the ball in the air fast.

Final Thoughts (overall) (94 / 100)

I have never played the Eye 2 wedges, and I believe this may have been the first time I have hit this unique classic design. At first I didn’t like the look. It took some adjustment looking down at the ball at address. I feel I could get used to the look, and for the players that like the Ping Eye 2 look, definitely upgrade to these wedges. These conforming Gorge grooves in this style of wedge really give excellent spin and control.

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