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Ping G30 SF Tec Driver Review

Ping G30 SF Tec Driver Review

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Ping G30 SF Tec Driver Review

The Ping G30 SF Tec Driver is a great addition to the Ping driver line up in that the driver is designed to help the golf who has a tendency to hit the ball with a fade.  This is great for beginner golfers who are looking for a product that will provide forgiveness and distance.  With more weight being added to the heel of the club, it helps with allowing the face to clear on impact for the average golfer who typically struggles to do so.  The look and design is very eye catching with the turbulators.




Technology (100/100)

G30 SF Tec

Turbulator Technology on the G30 SF Tec Driver

The PING G30 Driver has taken the innovation of drivers to a whole new level. With the introduction of its “Turbulators” on the crown, the G30 driver will now enable any player to gain a few more mph of swing speed. The Turbulators on the driver make the driver more aerodynamic. When the driver is swung, air will now pass over the crown more efficiently to reduce drag. These Turbulators look like the talons from a bird. Another huge addition for the PING G30 Driver are the extra loft settings over the 2013 PING G25 Driver. The PING G30 Driver can be adjusted in loft up to 1 degree in each direction now. It now has four different loft settings in +/- .6 and +/- 1 degree. This just adds the ability to get a more precise fit for this driver.

Look (90/100)

I have always been a fan of the black matte finish on my driver and this club definitely suits my eye.  The turbulators also do give the club a unique look at address.  The color scheme is also very good as the black and blue give the club a very good look.  I do like that there is no decals on the crown of the club and ideally golfers can use the turbulators to help line up to the ball at address.

Performance (95/100)

When it comes to the performance of the G30, it would be hard to find a driver out there that is more forgiving and provides more distance.  I was able to hit a number of shots with the G30 SF Tec driver and the distance and feel were hard to overlook.  It seemed as though anywhere I was hitting the ball on the face of the driver it still seemed to supply a tighter shot pattern and a consistent distance.  I do however play a draw already with my natural swing so ideally I fit better in to a standard G30 where there is not additional weight in the heel of the club head.  Even with this factor, I was still hitting the ball straight and not hooking the ball to the left.  Overall, the club performance is at the top of the industry!

Final Thoughts (95/100)

Overall my suggestion would be to go get fit today for the Ping G30 SF Tec driver!  Ping is always at the forefront of the golf industry in implementing new technology.  The turbulators are a great addition to help the average golfer get more distance, control, and accuracy with their driver.  The added benefits of being able to adjust the club to 5 different settings and having 2 full degrees of loft adjustability really allow any individual to enjoy the Ping G30 SF Tec.  I personally will be recommending to the majority of my golfing buddies considering they all have trouble keeping the ball in the fairway or let alone on the golf course!

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