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Ping K15 Fairway Wood Review

Ping K15 Fairway Wood Review

Ping K15 Fairway Wood Review

Released in 2011, the Ping K15 fairway wood is one of the most forgiving fairway woods ever produced. Designed as a game improvement club, the K15 is a perfect option for slower swing speeds and mid to high handicap players. The K15 was awarded a spot on the 2012 Golf Digest Gold List.

Technology (8/10)

The Ping K15 fairway wood appears simple compared to the many adjustable features on competitors clubs.  Ping’s Straight Flight Technology positions weight toward the heel to help square the face for straighter shots.  The oversize club head and external weight pad increase the MOI for improved forgiveness.  Finally, the shallow club face lowers the CG to promote high launch for optimal distance.  The Ping K15 is fairly simple, yet extremely effective and rates 8 out of 10 in technologies.

Look (9/10)

The K15 fairway wood was designed with a shallow club face and 199 cc oversize head. The shallow face helps position weight farther back for a lower center of gravity for a higher and straighter ball flight. Ping added loft to create a more forgiving club. The 3 wood features 16 degrees of loft while a standard 3 wood utilizes 13 to 15 degrees of loft. The oversize head might be a turn off for a low handicap player searching for the traditional fairway wood shape. However, the K15 appears really easy to hit and rates 9 out of 10.

Performance (10/10)

I tested the Ping K15 3 fairway wood with the stock shaft in stiff flex. The K15 produces a high launch and ball flight. The fairway wood produces a high launch even from the tightest lies. Consequently, players will not see a lot of roll due to the high ball flight. As a game improvement club, the K15 produces a very straight, consistent and accurate ball flight. If your goal is to work the ball and control trajectory, try the Ping i15 fairway wood. Results with the K15 are automatic. From a standpoint of lower handicap player, the only mark against the K15 fairway is a very minimal loss of distance due to the spin creating a high launch and ball flight. However, from the standpoint of a mid to high handicap player, the K15 is a perfect addition that will keep the ball in play.

The shallow face and large sweet spot provides a nice feel. Off center hits feel and perform similar to shots that find the sweet spot. The Ping K15 feels comfortable with a D1 swing weight throughout the swing and impact. Easily one of the most accurate and easy to hit fairway woods, the K15 rates 10 out of 10.

Final Thoughts (10/10)

The Ping K15 fairway wood performs as advertised with high, straight ball flight.  The K15 Fairway Wood is super easy to hit from any lie, a perfect solution for players who struggle with less lofted fairway woods.  In my opinion, the confidence the K15 fairway delivers is priceless.  Originally priced at $199.99, the K15 Fairway wood is worth every penny.  Better yet, you can pick a Ping K15 fairway wood up at a reduced price here.  I endorse the overall value of the Ping K15 fairway wood and rate the club a perfect 10 out of 10 in value.


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