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Putting Fundamentals

Putting Fundamentals

Putting Fundamentals

2nd Swing Golf Blog writer Matt Keller, a PGA Professional instructor, details the basics for a solid putting fundamentals foundation.

These include basic body set-up, head placement, eye sight-lines, grip and arm position and swing.

Putting can potentially account for 50 percent of your score and is crucial to shooting lower scores. 

Unfortunately, most players disregard practice on the putting green and instantly head straight for the practice range. Please, just keep in mind that a 300-yard drive counts just as much as a short putt. 

First off, I advise you begin by taking an athletic set up.

What’s that? Think of it like getting ready to receive a football hike from the shotgun or preparing to receive a pass in hockey or on the basketball court.

Putting Fundamentals

PGA great Tom Watson demonstrates an athletic stance.

Position your feet approximately shoulder width and bend your knees slightly.

Create a good posture, also known as your spine angle, by leaning forward at your waist. The correct set-up creates more bend at your waist and less in your knees. The bend at your waist allows the arms to fall comfortably below the shoulders.

Position both of your thumbs so they point down the flat part of the grip. Gripping the club correctly will help keep the putter square through impact. 

Position your eyes directly over the golf ball. The ball should be in the middle or slightly forward of center in your stance.

Putting Fundamentals

Tiger Woods knows golf posture.

Your arms and shoulders create a triangle in the set up (See image below.). And even Tiger needs tips from time to time (See article HERE.)

This triangle stays intact throughout the putting stroke and is the basic foundation of the entire golf swing. During the backswing, the left shoulder moves down and the right shoulder moves up.

Throughout the forward swing, the left shoulder moves back up toward the original position while the right shoulder returns to a lower position.

The movement with the arms and shoulders is known as a pendulum motion. 

Putting Fundamentals

Maintain a pendulum swing with shoulders, arms and hands forming an inverted triangle. And keeping your eyes over the ball are keys to good putting fundamentals.

Try to keep the putter’s head low to the ground throughout the entire putting stroke. Additionally, the body and wrists should remain still during the putting. The only movement should be the rocking motion of the arms and shoulders.

Also focus your eyes on the ball and accelerate through impact. Decelerating is one of the most common mistakes the average player makes in the putting stroke.

Keep your eyes fixed on the ball, maintain little to no additional movements in the body and create an accelerating pendulum motion with the arms and shoulders.

The consistent and efficient putting stroke will help you hole more putts in your round.

Putting Fundamentals

Don’t forget to focus when executing putting fundamentals.

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