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Review: PING Gorge Wedges

Review: PING Gorge Wedges

PING might be on to something here: its line of Gorge wedges has something to offer or fit every player. The 17-4 stainless steel head features a custom tuning port that helps extend the perimeter weighting while maintaining a traditional shape.


Is anyone looking for control? Don’t look any further: the PING Gorge has all the control you need. The multiple sole options that the Tour wedges offer allow you to optimize control and accuracy. The three sole-width options include the Thin Sole (TS), Wide Sole (WS) and Standard Sole (SS). A 10-minute club-fitting can show you which sole is right for your swing.


The Gorge wedges have a good amount of spin. The most impressive part is the consistency of the spin which is due to the precision milled grooves. The width, depth, radius, and spacing of the grooves are perfect.

Ping Gorge wedge face


I found the launch angle of these wedges to be a little lower than normal but not enough to worry about.


PING clubs have always had a softer feeling to me than any other clubs and these wedges are no different. If you are looking for a wedge with a little softer but solid feel this is a good wedge to check out.

ping gorge wedge toe


I really feel that PING has created something special with the Gorge line. The different sole choices, I think, are great and can really help players get exactly what they need out of a wedge. This line of wedges can really improve a player’s game with the consistency that they promote. I would recommend that anyone in the market for new wedges get out and try them. 

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