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TaylorMade Rac OS 2005 Iron Set Review

TaylorMade Rac OS 2005 Iron Set Review

TaylorMade Rac OS 2005 Iron Review: $239.99 (Used)

TaylorMade RAC OS Iron Set

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In 2005, TaylorMade released a line a sequel to their successful line of RAC OS irons. The Rac OS 2005 Iron Set, as well as its earlier prerequisite line, were geared towards the mid-to-high handicap golfers, looking for a little forgiveness and help getting the ball airborne. The OS stands for “oversized,” and although the club head is quite large, it wasn’t overly clunky, typically a major turn-off for the lower handicappers. Jonah Steinmeyer gives us his insight on the look and performance of the Rac OS 2005 Irons.


As a 16-year-old looking for my first set of true irons, I exhausted the Internet in my search for the perfect set. It wasn’t an easy decision, but I stuck to my guns and ordered a set of Rac OS 2005 Iron Set to be my first. For seven years, I beat that set of irons to the bone and still they sit in my garage, ready for another round. While I’ve moved on to a newer set, the RAC OS 2005 deserve a lot of credit for improving my ability to hit crisper, straighter, even longer pin seeking missiles.

Looks: (8.5 out of 10)

The first thing you notice in the RAC OS 2005 is obviously the sheer size of the head.

While it’s not obnoxiously big or clunky, it’s definitely not sleek. A thicker topline,

good amount of offset and deep cavity give it the looks of a game-improvement iron.

What TaylorMade did do, though, was keep the detailing and style very clean. They

actually used the weighting within the cavity to give the club some style, which is


Performance: (9 out of 10)

Designed as an iron to help get the ball airborne quickly without losing much

distance, the RAC OS 2005 are a great set for anyone having trouble hitting a lower

trajectory. If you’re looking to land softly on the greens with your lower irons, these

will certainly help your case. But down in the Florida winds, it can be difficult to

keep these things down. Even the longer irons occasionally got caught in the wind

with way too much spin off the face. But the sound and feel are great. You don’t get a

ton of feedback because of the size of the head and cavity but odds are, as a mid-to-

high handicapper, you won’t really need it because of the forgiveness you’re getting

in return. Another perk was how long these things were. Unless you really balloon

one up into the wind, you’re high trajectory would still get great distance.

Final Thoughts: (9 out of 10)

With a personal bias, it’s hard not to love these irons. After all, they were the first set

I ever really owned and they helped me go from a beginning teen to a 5-handicap

playing in amateur tournaments in south Florida. Although they are no longer in my

bag, that’s no reason to say you shouldn’t give them a try. I saw a lot of success with

them, hitting very straight, moderately long gems, especially from the short irons. If

you’re struggling to get the ball in the air, then these are definitely worth picking up.

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