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Who is the Worst Celebrity Golfer?

Who is the Worst Celebrity Golfer?

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Who is the Worst Celebrity Golfer?

There are no shortages of online lists; and among them are dozens on the best and the worst celebrity golfers. Wanna see Mark Wahlberg whiff or The Donald — who owns numerous top-tier courses — have better luck kicking the ball? It’s all there. 

Just because you are a former king in your own sport or at the absolute top of Hollywood’s A-list, it doesn’t mean you can hit a tee shot straight.

And yet there they are, playing at PGA Tour event Pro-Am or televised charity outings, men and women (almost all men, of course) who because of  ego, kindness, vanity, competitiveness, delusion, generosity or self-deprecating humor the stars keep showing up to these things or wherever the cameras are on to catch them chipping off the course completely.

All we can say is, thank you. Thank you for making us feel better about our miserable golf games, especially you, Sir Charles Barkley. We’re may be tear-rrr-able. But not as tear-rrr-able as you. I hope.

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Please feel free to add to the list in the comments section below.

And enjoy Mr. Murray, who is in a class of his own, as usual yukking and mucking it up at Pebble Beach:



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